Social Icons

Doodle includes a large set of social icons to use throughout the design. We can also upload and use a custom icons, if needed.

These icons are a vector font icon instead of an image, which produces much faster load times and will always ensure perfect sharpness. Social icons are loaded with options that allow you to easily customize them. Tell us what you prefer, boxed or unboxed, border radius, icon color globally or individually, box color globally or individually, hover tooltip position and more.

Social Icon Set

Doodle includes a total of 25 social icons with more added frequently and ability to upload a custom icon.

Boxed or Unboxed Icons

Tell us if you want to have the icons be boxed or unboxed. These options can be common to the whole website.

Full Color Control

Set one global color for icons and box, or individual per icon

Border Radius Control

Set the border radius for boxed mode. Full control in pixel value for square, rounded or circular.

Tooltip Hover Position

Set the position of the tooltip hover to up, down, left or right. Hover on the icons to discover...

Doodle Has Some Incredible Social Icon Options To Help You Keep In Touch!

Font Awesome

Doodle Uses Font Awesome, A 400+ Icon Set. The set is 100% full vector so it looks incredibly sharp and retina-ready!

Large Icons

Medium Icons

Small Icons

We Use them With or Without Circles

We Control The Circle Color, Icon Color & Border Color